Classroom Programs

(3½ to 4½ years old)

Our Kindercare program is the full time equivalent to the Junior kindergarten program in the school system. We offer a full day, five days a week seamless option that replaces the need to attend public school. We offer the children a hot lunch and two nutritious snacks a day. In this class we focus on social and emotional skill development with anti-violence programs such as Second Step.

We work with families to help the children develop empathy, self-confidence and decision making skills. Pre-writing and pre-reading skills are developed through programs similar to those taught in the school system such as Jolly Phonics, whole word recognition and Chime-in stories. Emergent curriculum is followed in this class, with the children’s interests dictating the focus for the learning centres around the room.

Teacher/child ratio in Kindercare is 1:10.

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