Our enthusiastic, experienced and energetic staff are a combination of qualified early childhood educators and professionals with specialty experience in the early childhood field.  Our greatest asset at the child care centre is our dedicated and hard working teaching staff.

Many of our teachers have been with the centre since it first opened in 1988. The biggest turnaround rate for our teachers is mainly in our supply and part-time positions.  We often hire new grads or students in college or university to fill supply and part time positions. Our classrooms reflect the diverse nature of the backgrounds and experiences of our staff.  Most of our teachers have an E.C.E. diploma or an equivalency. Other teachers have a related diploma or degree in the child care or education field. A few of our teachers have no related education, however have many years of quality experience in a child care setting and are some of the most valued staff at our centre.

All of the employees at Thistleoaks have First Aid and CPR training, Criminal reference checks on file and have their immunizations updated on a regular basis. We encourage our staff to be involved in the community and participate in professional development on a regular basis. We are also a part of the Quality First initiative in Halton.

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