Second Annual Spring Revitalization!

Saturday, June 1st, 2019

What a phenomenal day we had together!!! Thank you so much to everyone that came to help paint the centre and beautify the playgrounds - we had around 80 volunteers - Appleby staff and students, Thistleoaks staff, families, and friends! We have made a tremendous start on a tremendous job!!!!


Things you'll notice around the centre that are new:

  • Most walls have been painted a lovely light grey, and we have started on the trim, a bold charcoal. While the walls are very nearly finished, the trim and doors will be the main focus of this week's work. 

  • Many purple and red flowers planted throughout the Preschool and Kinder playgrounds

  • Removal of the overgrown bush and vine around our vegetable garden at the back of the Preschool playground

  • Addition of new vegetable and fruit gardens in both the Preschool and Kinder playgrounds

  • Multiple tire gardens throughout all the back playgrounds

  • Reinforcement of existing gardens and sandboxes

  • New stones added around the Preschool sandbox 

Lessons from today... 

Lesson #1: We were a touch ambitious!


It was impossible to paint a centre as large as Thistleoaks in one day.... despite having your very own super-team! Please bear with us as we complete the job after hours this week. At the end of the week we will be renting a micro-scrubber and cleaning the floors of the centre to perfection! 

Lesson #2: Drop sheets need to be taped down! Oops... 

This should never be underestimated or understated...! Don't worry, the floors will be back to their sparkling selves once the painting is finished! Please excuse our very messy floors this week. 

We still need volunteers!!  

Members of our staff and our Board of Directors will be helping out after hours this week (June 3rd to 7th) to finish the painting - this will be mostly painting the doors and trim of the centre. If you are able to spare an hour or two this week to help, it would be incredibly appreciated. 

If you will be available and would like to help, please email Mindy at to coordinate.  

Once again, thank you so much everyone for your help this weekend. We could not have done it without you. 

With love,

Your Thistleoaks Family 

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