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Thistleoaks's September 2024 classes are currently full with a large waitlist. We will re-open our waitlist and resume offering tours Fall 2024


​When the waitlist re-opens, enrollment happens by the following procedures:


By submitting a waitlist form, you are agreeing to the terms set out by Thistleoaks Child Care Centre and our waitlist procedures, as follows:


1. Priority is given to parents on the waitlist who are:

  • Employees of Thistleoaks

  • Employees of Central West Specialized Development Centre

  • Employees of Kinark Child and Family Services

  • Clients who have children already enrolled in Thistleoaks Child Care Centre


2. Thistleoaks does not guarantee a spot for your child once you are on the waitlist.


3. Thistleoaks will do our best to accommodate your request of an admission date, however, you may be offered a spot earlier than requested. Should you turn this down, we will move on to the next person on the waitlist. We may not be able to accommodate your requested admission date


4. You must call the centre three months prior to their indicated start date to confirm whether you wish to remain on the waitlist.


5. Thistleoaks will contact you no later than one month before your requested admission date to confirm admission into the centre. At this time, we will ask you to come in and pick up a purple enrolment package.


You must return the completed package and include the $100 registration fee plus one week's tuition that will confirm your spot at the centre. We accept registration fee and first week's payment by cheque or direct deposit, and collect ongoing fees by automatic withdrawal.

Waitlist CLOSED

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