With the change of the guidelines ending, we are happy to welcome in person tours back to the centre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about our COVID protocols. We are regularly updating our protocols in line with Regional and Provincial guidelines; this FAQ was last updated April 2022.

What are your current operating hours? 

Our current operating hours are 7:30am to 5:30pm.

Will all staff be required to wear masks?

As of March 21st, the Province of Ontario lifted the mandate that masks are to be worn. Masks are required at Thistleoaks for staff and families inside the centre until Friday, April 15th. Some staff may choose to wear masks and other PPE; this is their choice and we support our staff. Any negative comments made towards any staff or families will not be tolerated. 

Is there really no School Age program?

At this time, our school age and JK/SK programs remain closed. We look forward to reopening them, hopefully in September 2022. If you are interested, please add yourself to our Waitlist and as soon as we know we will be in touch.

Are you offering part-time care?

We have reopened our programs to part-time placements. We are following our policies and will accept part-time children, as long as we have a match to fill the spot.

If I choose to withdraw, will I have to pay withdrawal fees?

Our withdrawal notice has returned to one month notice for families withdrawing from the program as stated in the Parent Handbook.

When can my child return to Thistleoaks after displaying symptoms? 

As per the Ministry of Education we follow the guidance of the Health Department and depending on the symptom will depend on the amount of time that is required to be off. You can use the Public Health Self-Assessment for COVID and follow the results of the assessment. Fees will not be reduced for the day.

If a child is upset or crying, will the educators allowed to comfort the child with things like hugs, picking up the child, and so on?

Yes, educators are able to pick up and comfort children. Educators are to wash their hands after holding a child.

Will children be sharing toys?

Effective April 4, 2022, the centre will be starting mixed grouping, toys are shared and will be disinfected weekly​. Our practice is if there are any toys that are mouthed, they are removed and washed daily.

How is the cleanliness of the Centre being managed?

This is done through a combination of process:​

  • Toys and materials are cleaned weekly

  • Any mouthed toys are removed from the play space and cleaned daily

  • Our professional cleaners continue their nightly sanitation of the centre

  • During the day our Sanitation Team is responsible for sanitizing toys, equipment, rooms, and laundry; Joe is in charge of sanitizing all high-touch areas (doorknobs, railings, etc.) and outdoor equipment

  • New filter system TRANE UV Light sanitizer has been installed.

Are there any changes to diaper-changing or potty-training protocols?

No. The existing processes for handwashing and sanitizing the changing mat are adequate for the current climate. 

How will rest or nap time work?

This process is broadly unchanged. Each room has plenty of space to ensure at least 3 feet between beds. Bedding and beds will be cleaned weekly or as needed.

Will children arriving early or late be moving rooms like before?

Effective April 4, 2022, we will resume Family grouping for mornings and late afternoon.