Virtual Tour

Since parents and visitors are currently not allowed inside, we have put together a virtual tour of our centre so that parents can see the inside of the building. The video walks you through the whole centre - the classrooms, the sanitation room, and the outdoor play spaces. The video is 16 minutes long but you'll be able to see the whole centre!

One quick note - in the video, we show the temporary table barriers we have set up to keep the kids separated while eating and doing table-top activities. In the video, Cheryl mentions that we are getting dividers with windows; we ended up getting dividers made of translucent material in place of the windows. 

Enjoy the video! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about our COVID protocols. We are regularly updating our protocols in line with Regional and Provincial guidelines; this FAQ was last updated October 2020. 

What measures will taken during drop-off and pickup to ensure social distancing?

Each classroom has an assigned drop-off and pickup time. This allows for cohorts to arrive and depart together, escorted to and from the drop-off and pickup area by their classroom educators. This minimizes the interaction with people from other cohorts. After Cheryl completes the screening for each family, the educators will take the children into their classrooms where they will all immediately wash their hands. With the extension of hours, we will be keeping our cohort drop-off and pickup times the same. If you would like care outside of your cohort time, please make arrangements with the office to update the centre with your schedule. During the extended drop-off and pickup, times the Sanitation Team will be conducting the screening. Please continue to line up along the side of the building using the ground markers to maintain six feet distance, and we kindly request parents to wear masks. 

What if I miss my pickup or drop-off timeslot?

If you are going to miss your drop-off or pickup time, call or email the office to notify us. We will arrange the delivery of your child(ren) to and from the program.

Will all staff be required to wear masks?

Yes, masks are mandatory both indoors and outdoors at Thistleoaks whenever social distancing is not possible. In addition, masks are mandatory regardless of social distancing for any staff member preparing, plating, or delivering food. Both Public Health and the Ministry of Education will accept a medical exemption for masks. Where a staff has provided a medical exemption, they will be reassigned to a role where there is minimal interaction with children and six feet distance can be maintained at all times.

Which program will my child be in when they return?

We will work with families to place children in age-appropriate programs.

Is there really no School Age program?

At this time, our school age program remains closed. We look forward to reopening it, hopefully in the new year.

My child just finished SK in June 2020, which program are they be in?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to run our JK/SK Before and After School program.

Are you offering part-time care?

We have reopened our programs to part-time placements. We are following our policies and will accept part-time children, as long as we have a match to fill the spot.

Will full-time families be given priority over part-time?

No. All families will be treated equally. Part-time families will have the option of enrolling full-time with the same priority as existing full-time families. 

When discussing seniority as part of the prioritization process, is it the child’s seniority, or the family’s?

At this time, the need for intaking children by priority is no longer needed. All children needing care have been placed in a child care spot. Any families wishing to start will be placed in a program or on the waitlist. The waitlist operates as a first-come, first-served basis.

What is going to happen in September? Or rather, what happened in September? 

At the time of writing this, we are currently running our one Infant program, two Toddler programs, and three Preschool programs. All programs are allowed to be at full capacity. While we continue to keep people as close with their rooms as we can, guidance does allow for educators to work in multiple rooms.

Will I have to pay to hold my spot on the waitlist?

No. There are no fees at all if you stay on the waitlist.

If I choose to withdraw, will I have to pay withdrawal fees?

During the Pandemic, we have reduced our withdrawal notice from one month to two weeks for all families. Parents are financially responsible for the two-week notice period, even if they have left.

How will staff encourage social distancing with younger children?

Each classroom has been set up to encourage independent play at various stations. Floor decals have been put down to support independence and a variety of learning needs. We recognize that children of a young age may struggle with understanding and implementing social distancing.  In order to allow a more relaxed, yet safe environment, we will keep strict cohorts within the programs.

What happens if a child shows symptoms of COVID-19 while at Thistleoaks?

Any child with symptoms, as well as any enrolled siblings, are removed from their program(s) and relocated to our designated ‘sick room’ in the rear front office. Parents/guardians are immediately notified to come pick up their child(ren) and will be directed to the Public Health Self-Assessment for COVID and follow the results of the assessment. Fees will not be reduced for the day.

What happens if a staff shows symptoms of COVID-19 while at Thistleoaks?

Staff showing any symptom(s) will be sent home and directed to the Public Health Self-Assessment for COVID and follow the results of the assessment. . Further direction will be given by Public Health. In the event that a staff goes home and we cannot run the program parents will be notified to come and pick up their child. Fees will not be reduced for the day.

Runny noses are a symptom of COVID; kids often have runny noses at daycare. Is every runny nose going to be treated like COVID and the child sent home?

Yes. Public Health guidelines have been updated to reflect a new process for those experiencing only ONE of the following symptoms:

  • runny nose

  • digestive issues

  • headaches and body aches/fatigue

The new process is for parents to keep their child at home for a period of 24 hours, where they are monitoring the symptom. If the symptom does not worsen in the 24-hour period, and if the child is still only displaying one of those listed symptoms, they may return. If over the 24 hours the child’s one symptom worsens or if they develop additional symptom(s), then they would follow the COVID exclusion and would be allowed to return to the centre once they provide or do one of the following:

  • sign an attestation that they have received a negative COVID test

  • the child and family self-isolate from the centre for two weeks

  • produce a doctor’s note stating that the symptoms are not symptoms of COVID

If my child displayed symptoms, when can they return to Thistleoaks?

It depends on the symptom. Public Health guidelines were updated in October and steps vary depending on symptoms. 

If your child is displaying any one of the following symptoms:

  • Fever greater than 37.8C

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Sore throat 

Then they would follow the COVID exclusion and would be allowed to return to the centre once they provide or do one of the following:

  • sign an attestation that they have received a negative COVID test

  • the child and family self-isolate from the centre for two weeks

  • produce a doctor’s note stating that the symptoms are not symptoms of COVID

If your child is displaying only one of the following symptoms, then parents must keep their child at home for a period of 24 hours, where they are monitoring the symptom. These symptoms are:

  • runny nose

  • digestive issues

  • headaches and body aches

  • fatigue and/or lethargy

If the symptom does not worsen in the 24-hour period, and if the child is still only displaying one of those listed symptoms, they may return. If the symptom worsens, or other symptoms develop, then the COVID exclusion policy outlined above must be followed. 

We recognize that this is difficult and frustrating for families, especially when it’s a runny nose. Thank you to all the families who have shown nothing but patience and understanding with us as we adhere to the Public Health and Ministry guidance.

If a child is upset or crying, will the educators allowed to comfort the child with things like hugs, picking up the child, and so on?

The September guidelines removed the requirement for barriers to be used when holding a child. Educators are able to pick up and comfort children. Educators are to wash their hands after holding a child.

Will there be circle time with books?

Yes, though only plastic and board books, as well as laminated books created by the educators, where the books can be sanitized after use.

Will children be sharing toys?

Yes, in a cohort. Children will wash their hands before starting an activity and then again when finishing an activity, giving confidence the played with toys are clean. All toys are taken midday for sanitizing. All mouthed or visibly dirty toys will be removed from the room immediately for sanitation. Soft toys, carpets, and toys that cannot be adequately sanitized have been removed from the classrooms.

What about outside play equipment?

We are able to offer our climbers to only one cohort at a time. The Sanitation Team will sanitize the climbers after use so that they are ready for the next cohort’s use. 

What is the sanitation process for the toys?

Everything is sanitized using a three step process:

1) All toys are washed in warm, soapy water

2) The toys are then rinsed in a separate bin

3) The toys are sprayed with a bleach solution (1 part bleach to 100 parts water) and left to air-dry. 

How is the cleanliness of the Centre being managed?

This is done through a combination of process:

  • All toys and equipment that cannot be sanitized have been removed from the classrooms

  • Our professional cleaners continue their nightly sanitation of the centre

  • During the day our Sanitation Team is responsible for sanitizing toys, equipment, rooms, and laundry; Joe is in charge of sanitizing all high-touch areas (door knobs, railings, etc.) and outdoor equipment

  • Educators sanitize books during sleep time, and washrooms after each use

It is important to note all our cleaning processes have been aligned with both Public Health and the Ministry of Educations guidelines to operating child care centres during COVID. 

How are you managing children who are still putting everything in their mouths?

The same process as the child playing with any other toy – the toy is pulled from rotation and set aside for sanitation. 

How will children playing together in a cohort work? Will they be permitted to do so? Can they play with the same toys at the same time?

Ideally, we want to find a balance between mitigating risk and exposure while still fostering a sense of belonging and connection. Educators will be encouraging activities where children work together but with their own materials. Children are washing their hands before and after activities and while it is our goal to mitigate risk through cooperative play, we recognize that social distancing is not a common practice children can maintain.  One of our reasons for keeping such strict cohort rules is to give confidence both to parents and educators that the children in their room are healthy and social distancing (while the goal) can be more relaxed.

Are there any changes to diaper-changing or potty-training protocols?

No. The existing processes for handwashing and sanitizing the changing mat are adequate for the current climate. 

Is there really no indoor singing allowed?

Unfortunately, yes, as singing projects particles too much, but we will be doing lots of singing outside!

How will rest or nap time work?

This process is broadly unchanged. Each room has plenty of space to ensure at least 6 feet between beds. Beds will be stored in individual labelled garbage bags to maintain cleanliness and limit contact between beds while in storage. The beds will be sanitized after each use, and bedding will be washed daily. Beds and cribs were already individually labelled prior to the closure. 

What will lunch and snack time look like?

Food will arrive in classrooms already plated. A bowl with extra food will be provided and administered by one educator. We have translucent barriers at the tables that are one foot high and extend past the table by a foot to ensure physical separation. 

Will children arriving early or late be moving rooms like before?

No. Children are not allowed to be in any space that is not their assigned room. This is a requirement as set out in the cohort guidelines.

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