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Enrichment Programming


All ages  

Frequency: Bi-weekly 

Spanish Fun Sessions 

Our Spanish Fun Sessions is a Spanish language program that has been developed by a few of our esteemed educators in response to children’s enthusiasm towards Spanish language learning.  This enrichment program has been running bi-weekly since October in all of our classrooms, with a curriculum that is modified for each age group! Children are exposed to the Spanish language through various fun and interactive learning experiences, building their vocabulary, and even practicing reading and writing in Spanish as they age! Parents will have an opportunity to follow along with what their children are learning through the documentation that will be provided and posted within the classroom. Both educators and parents will have some “takeaways” to extend that learning in the classroom and at home!

Individual Development Portfolios (IDPs)

IDPs be introduced in all our programs in early 2020. Some parents may have seen their child’s Infant or Toddler Journal in the past…we are bringing that concept back and adding more to it in the form of an IDP for each child. IDPs will include information such as Parent Questionnaires, Nipissing District Developmental Screens, observation notes, learning stories, pedagogical documentation, photos of children engaged in learning through play and inquiry, and samples of children’s artwork. We welcome parents to regularly review your child’s portfolio and feel free to ask questions and add to it with your own developmental notes and discussions! This documentation helps us know where your child is within the continuum of development, and how we can be responsive to emerging skills and interests through the planning and implementation of learning experiences, and the environment!

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