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Renovation Update #3

Work continues at Thistleoaks, and the changes are coming along splendidly! Here are some update we'd love to share:

The Kitchen

Steve, who is leading the work on most of the renovation projects, and his team put down new subfloor and laid the tile this week. The grout will go in once the tiles have set. Karen and Phyllis cannot wait to have their kitchen back!!

The Toddler Playground

Work is well underway on the new playground with some of the new equipment and material already installed by Earthscapes, despite the snow and chilly weather! The space is really coming together. The children at the centre have been mesmerized by the construction, regularly standing at the bordering fences and watching the diggers, plows, and workmen install all the equipment. It's quite a sight!!

The Flooring

Steve and his team are progressing on schedule with installing the new flooring. They will complete the upper floor and then move to the lower floor afterwards. We love how much the new flooring has brightened up the rooms! The transformation is incredible - it's exciting to think about what the whole centre will look like once all the flooring has been replaced! Classroom teachers will be in touch with you about alternate arrangements for your class when your turn comes up.


We have received our new Automatic External Defibrillator (AED); it has been mounted on the wall in the main office. This is a great addition to the safety measures we have for our children at Thistleoaks.

More updates to come - stay tuned!!

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