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Wishing all the best to a Thistleoaks Legend

Dear Families Past and Present,

It is with mixed emotions that I am informing you that our longest-serving educator, Eva Hansen, will be retiring from being a full-time classroom educator at the end of the year. Eva began working at Thistleoaks shortly after it opened in 1989, and has dedicated the past 30 years to providing the highest quality care here at Thistleoaks. Her impact is evident to all who have been lucky enough to have crossed paths with her. The connections and relationships she has built over the last 30 years as an educator, mentor, and friend are her remarkable legacy.

The silver lining for us, at least, is that Eva’s plan is to transition into a role as a supply at Thistleoaks, which means we will still have her around as an amazing resource for the Thistleoaks team. I am excited that we get to be the lucky recipients of a little more Eva in our lives.

To Eva:

Thank you for all your years of excellent service and for being part of the Thistleoaks family. Thank you for your treatment of every child as an individual, for your mentorship of those of us who are new to the field, and for the memories with you that all of us hold so dear, we can only say we are beyond grateful. You are an exceptional educator whose impact will be forever etched in our Thistleoaks history. Even if it’s in a different capacity, we will hold on to our Eva for as long as you’ll let us.

For anyone wanting to leave a message for Eva, we have a card that we are filling, and would love to have some memories to share. To send your message to Eva, please call me at 905-842-7303 ex 101, or email me at

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