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Our Staff

At Thistleoaks, our greatest asset and selling feature is our staff. With one of the most experienced staff in the region, their dedication, enthusiasm, energy, and passion are second-to-none. Several of our staff members have been with the centre since shortly after its opening in 1989, and not only provide excellent child care, but also mentorship for staff who have recently graduated and have joined the Thistleoaks family.

Many of our staff have obtained their Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma or equivalency, while others have a related diploma or degree in the child care or education field. There are a few staff without these related degrees, but each offer a wealth of child care experience that more than offset it. As a team, the staff brings a diverse background and skill set to compliment each other and provide a best in class learning environment for the children.

All of our staff have both First Aid and CPR training, as well as criminal reference checks and up-to-date immunizations. They participate in regular professional development, and are part of the Halton region’s Quality First initiative.


Cheryl Prentice

Executive Director

Joined Thistleoaks: 2002

Executive Director

I started out at Thistleoaks Child Care Centre as a Sheridan Student in the Toddler Room in 2002. I had the great pleasure of being hired upon graduation in 2003 and have called Thistleoaks home ever since. 'Home' is a funny word to use when describing a child care centre, but that is truly what Thistleoaks is. I left Thistleoaks in 2013 and spent the next 5 years working both as a consultant for Quality First and as the Halton School Age Specialist with the Region of Halton. In 2017, I returned  to Thistleoaks, it was then that I realized how much I consider Thistleoaks home. Thistleoaks is home to quality professional educators who dedicate themselves daily to developing and fostering authentic, responsive adult-child relationships, and I consider it an honour to lead this team as we continue to support the children and families within our community.

Jennifer McEwan

Staff and Program Supervisor

Joined Thistleoaks: 2021

I am excited to be a part of the Thistleoaks team!


I am looking forward to joining them on their mission and vision of being the leaders of quality child care in the Halton region, as this aligns with my own personal mission.


My priority is people; making connections, building relationships and foundations for healthy children and healthy educators. I believe that the care and support of the educators is directly connected to the care and support that the children receive. I am dedicated to cultivating an environment that leads people, makes connections, builds capacity, enriches, and empowers the whole team in their role. This approach ensures that the support of the educator then supports the well-being of the children and families in their program.

Only together, partnered with the families, educators, and children, can we achieve quality child care.


Suzie Pedro

Enrollment and Compliance Supervisor

Joined Thistleoaks: 1992

image001 (1).jpg

My journey at Thistleoaks Child Care Centre first began in 1992 when I was a Sheridan student completing placement and I am still here!


As Dorothy said it best, “There’s no place like home” and Thistleoaks is truly my second home. Since my placement, oh so long ago, I have gone on to fill many roles and wear many hats here at Thistleoaks, working both in the program and on the leadership team. Throughout my time I have supported children and families from infants up to kindergarten and have all the wonderful memories in between.

While I have enjoyed my roles at Thistleoaks, I am most excited about my latest role: The Enrollment and Compliance Supervisor. It allows me to do what I love most about my Thistleoaks: make connections with the children and families and support Thistleoaks in its vision to be the leaders of quality child care in Halton.

I look forward to building new relationships with the new families of Thistleoaks as they begin their journeys at Thistleoaks and make it their home away from home.

Program Coordinators

Emma J

Preschool Coordinator

Joined Thistleoaks: 2014

Current Room: Preschool - Pine

In my time at Thistleoaks I have worked with the Toddler and Preschool groups. I love helping children explore their environment, and nothing brings me more joy than the sense of wonder and pride when a child solves a problem or makes a discovery. 


Michelle H

Infant and Toddler Coordinator

Joined Thistleoaks: 2003

Current Room: Infants - Applewood 

I enjoy coming to work each day, not only to guide and teach the children, but also to learn from them. Each day is a new adventure and no two days are ever the same. There is nothing I find more rewarding than watching each child as an individual grow, mature, and succeed here at Thistleoaks. 

michelle 2.png

Classroom Staff

Eva H


Joined Thistleoaks: 1990

I love working at Thistleoaks first and foremost for the children and their families. Children are the most precious things we have, and it is an honour and a privilege to be trusted to take care of your most precious. I want to do right by you and your children. I will respect your children, where they are in their development, and I love watching them grow and learn. There's nothing as special as this, and I love doing it. (4).png

Shania C

Current Room: Kitchen Support

Joined Thistleoaks: 2019

I have enjoyed working with children of all ages for over 8 years as a volunteer and staff for various programs. When my son joined Thistleoaks in 2018, I took it to my advantage to continue to do what I love and joined the Thistleoaks family. I have since worked in all of the Thistleoaks programs as a supply staff and now have the joy of joining the Sanitation team to make sure the centre is sparkling clean, and then join the Infants in the afternoons. I look forward to working with you and your family, and being a part of the team.


Jasmyne G

Current Room: Toddlers - Willow

Joined Thistleoaks: 2017

I have enjoyed getting to know all of the children here at Thistleoaks, and I look forward to coming to work each day, as each day here provides me with the opportunity to learn and gain valuable life experiences. 


Alyssa Z

Maternity Leave

Joined Thistleoaks: 2019

Ever since I was young, I have always enjoyed caring for young children. I love forming relationships with the children that allow me to explore and discover the world with them and also console and comfort them. I look forward to forming many more relationships with the children at Thistleoaks!


Lindsay M

Current Role: Infants - Applewood

Joined Thistleoaks: 2007

In my time at Thistleoaks, the support of my coworkers and the ideas we all share has made us able to create a successful and happy environment for the children and their families. My child has attended here since she was a toddler, and the care for her has been wonderful from all of her teachers. 


Eva H

Current Room: Seniors

Joined Thistleoaks: 1989

2-3 sentences here about the staff member...? Years as RECE, graduated from x school, a thought on Thistleoaks? 

Lorena R

Current Room: Toddler - Birch

Joined Thistleoaks: 2012

I love to work at Thistleoaks. It is my second home. Here I feel like family and I feel a lot of support from the team. I love to work with children of all ages. I have liked kids since I was a girl, taking care of my mom's friends' children. Through my son I have learned a lot about child development, milestones, and abilities. I studied at Sheridan and graduated with High Honours, but it was working full time that taught me how to work with children. Theory is good but not enough without practice! I love seeing the fruit of my work in my efforts with the children; they get so many skills while they grow physically if the environment is appropriate and positive. Being an ECE is the most rewarding profession, but it's the most challenging, too. We are responsible for the well-being of our children for the rest of their lives. 


Jessica P

Maternity Leave

Joined Thistleoaks: 2013

I love working at Thistleoaks. It's more than just a child care centre; we are a family. We build genuine relationships with our colleagues, the children, and their families, and we are a part of the community. We learn from each other and the children as we learn and play through the journey of early childhood. 


Luisa D

Current Room: Preschool - Cedar 

Joined Thistleoaks: 2017

Thistleoaks arrived in my life when I had just come to Canada in 2015, when my daughter started in the Toddler room. Since that moment, I have felt that we arrived into a big family and I loved it - I felt safe leaving my daughter in good hands in the big family called Thistleoaks. That is the reason that pushed me to work here, to belong to this family and learn more about Canadian culture in this great centre. 


Nisha S

Current Room: Preschool - Cedar

Joined Thistleoaks: 2015


I am a dedicated and reliable RECE. It has been an amazing experience getting to know the staff, families, and children as well as the diverse culture and background within the centre. I love to be around children and to guide them through their learning and development for them to be successfull individuals. 


Eva M

Current Room: Preschool - Spruce

Joined Thistleoaks: 2017

Every day here at Thistleoaks is a rewarding experience. Thistleoaks gives me the opportunity to meet great people, all the staff that work in this place, they do not only work with the knowledge in their field but with heart and soul involved. As a Supply Teacher, I have worked in all the classrooms at Thistleoaks, from Infants to School Age and I can tell, the teamwork and loving care make this child care centre a special place. This is not only a working place for me, between the children and the staff here, I feel like home.

Eva Mares_Bitmoji.png

Alliyah A

Current Room: Toddler - Willow 

Joined Thistleoaks: 2018

My journey at Thistleoaks has been amazing! Since I started here, I’ve been enjoying every minute of it, right from the first day. I first started working in the Toddler room, and now I’m working School Age. I love helping children to be adventurous in their play as well helping them to have fun each and every day. I like working with the staff here; they all have welcomed me with open arms! 


Valerie S

Current Room: Toddlers - Willow

Joined Thistleoaks: 2022

I am an RECE and certified Postpartum Doula. Previously, I have been fortunate to work as a Quality First Consultant in Halton while supporting various child care settings to enhance my skills and knowledge. I am looking forward to working with all the staff, families, and community to build connections, relationships, and foundations to further the quality of care at Thistleoaks. I believe all children deserve a voice in a safe and healthy environment to thrive and be supported through learning and growth during their early years journey. 


Lexi M

Current Room: Infants - Applewood 

Joined Thistleoaks: 2020

I first joined the Thistleoaks family as a placement student, and from that experience I had the opportunity to join the center as a supply in 2020 and have been here ever since. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. This center feels like home, and I have been able to make connections with the children and have developed great working relationships with some of the staff. Thistleoaks welcomed me with open arms and has provided numerous opportunities for growth and development helping me constantly grow and adapt my teaching style to continue to provide the best care for each and every child I have the privilege of caring for.


Shannon G

Current Room: Toddlers - Birch

Joined Thistleoaks: 2021

My time here at Thistleoaks has truly been a beautiful experience. I am so lucky to be able to come to work each and every day with a smile on my face and my heart filled with love. My promise to Thistleoaks is to always give my 110% to the care of the children and to the support of my colleagues. Each child deserves to be loved, to be cared for with compassion and respect, and most of all, encouraged to be who they truly want to be...and that's exactly why I am here! It is my promise to be the best teacher that I can be, while supporting the emotional and physical growth of each child. 


Stella P

Current Room: Infants - Applewood

Joined Thistleoaks: 2021

I am grateful for the opportunity to work in such an amazing place, with staff who are passionate about caring for children. You really feel at home. Each child is a new world full of wonder. As a psychologist, I know that the first years of life are fundamental for the development of their personality, and my passion is to extend the love and care that children need so that they can develop freely, without limits, through well-being, play and affection. They are our most precious treasure!

Soomin C

Current Room: Preschool - Spruce

Joined Thistleoaks: 2021

My passion and interest for early childhood education has come from the influential educators of my past. The best educators are still remembered as being respectful and caring, and I believe their responsive caregiving has made a difference in my life. It is my goal to become such an educator, and I hope to achieve this by developing relationships with children, families, and colleagues at Thistleoaks. I am excited to build on my journey as I learn and grow with the Thistleoaks community!  


Victoria P


Joined Thistleoaks: 2019

Thistleoaks has been a big part of my life since I was born as my mum is one of the educators at the centre. I attended both the nursery school and school age programs as a child, and I volunteered in the KinderClub room as a teenager. I am excited to be working at Thistleoaks and being part of the Thistleoaks family. Working at Thistleoaks has given me the opportunity to practice working with children since they'll be a big part of my future as I hope to become a Paediatric Doctor. (1).png

Katie L


Joined Thistleoaks: 2018


Bio coming soon!


Joe W

Role: Joe of all trades!

Joined Thistleoaks: 1997

I love working here, I love being around the kids and the families. I love talking about sports with anyone who wants to chat with me! Go Leafs Go!  

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