At Thistleoaks we love our families and try to make it a second home - after all, your child will spend a lot of time with us and we want it to be as inviting and warm as possible. Read below to see why our families love us.

My son recently graduated from Thistleoaks and we had an exceptional experience there. The teachers are amazing - caring, organized and profoundly engaged with the children and parents. The playground has lots of shady areas / play areas as well as the teachers (shout out to Miss Jessica, for one) and some parents taking a lot of their own time to make the space beautiful too! I am so grateful that my son was able to have his first experiences of school here where he was able to blossom into a polite, young person.

The Smith Family, 2018

I have one child enrolled at Thistleoaks, and another starting when I go back to work.

I have been so thrilled with the care Thistleoaks has provided for my daughter. My daughter is settled, comfortable, and has learned so much. The standard of care she receives there is evidenced by her enthusiasm to go into her classroom each morning, and the sheer amount of new information she comes home with each evening.

The teachers at the centre are phenomenal. The care and compassion they show for the children is unparalled. My daughter knows all the teachers in the centre, not just the ones in her room, and they all know her. They are all warm and welcoming, as well as capable and informed.

I also love how much outdoor play space there is, with each age group having their own space. Unlike the other centres we toured, Thistleoaks has open grassy areas, instead of just asphalt.

I also very much like that the centre serves homemade meals for snacks and lunch. The meals are wholesome and balanced with plenty of variety (flavours, textures, cuisines, fruit and veg, etc).

Lastly, I love how the centre is run. Further, the centre is a non-profit, so I take great comfort in knowing that all money raised goes directly back to the staff and children.

I could not ask for better care for my kid (soon to be kids) at Thistleoaks, and would not hesitate to recommend the centre for anyone looking for child care.

The Wallis Family, 2018

Thistleoaks have been a blessing for my family. The staff at all levels are absolutely amazing, I'm truly appreciative of their hard and genuine work. **Highly recommend **👍👍


Sasha, 2019

"We absolutely love Thistleoaks. The educators are kind, informed, and generally excellent. The atmosphere is homey and welcoming. Recommend to everyone!"

Emma, 2019

Thistleoaks and their staff provide a sense of caring and community far above our other experiences.

Our son loves going to Thistleoaks every day. The staff that our son has had are all amazing and they give 100% every day.

Thistleoaks has been extremely accommodating, including moving our son to part time so that we could transfer our son to a daycare closer to our new home. We always knew Thistleoaks to be amazing, but we didn't realize just how good we had it until we experienced another daycare. As soon as we told Thistleoaks we wanted back in, they made the arrangements and were happy to have us return full time.

The Williams Family, 2018

There are a lot of great things we can say about Thistleoaks. We have been here for 4 years now. The kids eat (apparently a lot - this place knows the secret to getting rooms full of kids to sit at the same time AND eat - must be the wonderful healthy meals made in house). The experience of the staff and their genuine affection for the kids gives us comfort (though I am often getting called my daughter's teacher's name rather than mom... I worry maybe my kids are spending too much time here). But really, the kids are super comfortable here. And that is what matters most... getting ready in the morning is a lot easier when the kids want to go to they place they are going to. And picking them up, no matter what time it is, the kids are not ready to go as they are having so much fun. So Thistleoaks, when my kids say “miss xxxxx, I mean mom, why are you here already” I cannot think of a better way to let you know the kids love it here and we fully appreciate how well they are cared for. Thank you!

The Bresar Family, 2019

Amazing staff, and isn’t that the most important bit? The team take a genuine interest in the children, they show compassion and affection, and I feel confident entrusting them with my children. The low staff turnover creates consistency and stability and a real opportunity for them to get to know the kids and families and visa versa. Even the part time/ supply staff are consistent and wonderful.

The Saab Family, 2018

My 3 year old has been at Thistleoaks since she was 10 months old. I could not be more thankful for the amazing caregivers and teachers (some who have been there for more than 20 years - which speaks volumes about the quality of the Centre). My daughter has thrived there and she feels safe and happy. As a parent with a high stress job, I love that I can drop her off knowing that she is loved, nurtured, and learning lots of new things. The outdoor space is amazing, and the kids spend a significant part of the day outdoors when the weather permits. It has been an amazing experience for our family.


Lisa, 2019

My daughter have been enrolling here for 3 years when we just arrived to this country and I can say that this place have been helping us in our transition. It's a good place to learn many things about Canadian Culture and of course its language.

The De La Torre Family, 2019

Thank you so much. [My son] really has made such an improvement in last couple months, but that’s also a big thank you to not only yourself, but the amazing staff that are there directing him and showing him everything he knows. I don’t think that people in this field get enough recognition for the work that they do. It is very hard work, and very challenging. It takes someone special to do what all of you do, and I will forever be grateful for all of yours and your employees'/co-workers' hard work.

Natasha, 2019

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how grateful I am for your staff and organization. My son absolutely loves going to your centre. He looks forward to going there every day, and when I pick him up he doesn't want to leave. I cannot express how much that means to me to know he is happy and with friends as life is short and he spends so much time away from his family during the day it makes all the difference where he spends the beginning and end of his day. He had a note sent home from a friend he made at Thistleoaks which said that the young boy really liked my son and would like to have us for a play date. This is the sense of community we were looking for so thank you. 


With that said, I would like very much to bring my little ones, aged 3 and 1 to Thistleoaks. 


I did get a quick chance to peek into the Toddler room for the past week, and I have to say as well that it smells beautiful! I am not sure if its an aromatherapy but the young woman in there is always so kind to the little ones and blowing bubbles, it just feels like a great environment.  


Thank you!


The Henault Family, 2019

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