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As a not-for-profit corporation, Thistleoaks is overseen by a Board of up to nine volunteer Directors, made up of parents and community stakeholders. The Board's mandate is to responsibly govern the Centre by establishing the policies, budgets, and direction for the Executive and School Directors, who oversee and run the day-to-day management of Thistleoaks. 

Any matters pertaining to the daily operation of the centre should be brought to the School Director first. For other matters, the Board can be reached at


I have been involved with Thistleoaks since 2016, as both a parent and a member of the Board of Directors, including holding the position of Chair since September of 2017.

I enjoy combining my background in Education (Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario) and Business (Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Guelph) to help ensure Thistleoaks is on track towards its mission of being the leader in quality child care in Halton.

My family and I reside in Oakville and have had multiple children attend Thistleoaks. We couldn’t be happier with the care that they have received.

Jason Leitch


Joined Thistleoaks: 2016

I joined the Thistleoaks Board of Directors in 2016 shortly after my daughter began attending the centre. I served one year as Secretary, and have served as Vice-Chair since September 2017. I currently work in IT for a health care company. 

I very much enjoy contributing to all that Thistleoaks has to offer. I have a background in Business with a specialization in Management Information Systems (Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University), and I am a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Thistleoaks is a wonderful centre with a unique approach to child care, and I am thrilled to be a part of it. 

I grew up in Oakville, and settled back here after spending five years in the UK. My daughter graduated from Thistleoaks but looks forward to being back on PA Days. My son marches happily into his classroom without looking back at me. My husband and I count ourselves lucky that they have received such quality care in a loving and learning environment. 

Lauren Wallis


Joined Thistleoaks: 2016


Lisa Bombardieri


Joined Thistleoaks: 2016

I joined the Thistleoaks Board of Directors in 2016 when my daughter started in the Infant room. I served one year as Secretary, and became the Treasurer in September 2018, a position I have enjoyed. 

I obtained a law degree from Queen's University and was called to the bar in 2009, and an Bachelors Degree with Honours in English Literature from the University of Ottawa. I own my own family law practice, and am responsible not only for the practice of law, but also for running all aspects of my business. 

My favourite thing about Thistleoaks is that every day that I drop my daughter off, I do not ever worry about the quality of care that she is receiving. I know that she is loved, that her needs are met, and that when I pick her up, she's happy and excited to tell me about her day. She has made amazing friends at Thistleoaks - we both have! 

Luc Brunet


Joined Thistleoaks: 2018


I joined the Thistleoaks Board of Directors in 2018 following a call for volunteers at the 2018 Annual General Meeting.

As a Board member, I often leverage my past teaching experience (Bachelors degrees in Human Kinetics and Education from the University of Ottawa), as well as my broad business background (Masters of Business Administration from the University of Windsor) to address Thistleoaks’ various challenges and opportunities. I also share the expertise I gained as a past board member and chair for the Oakville Parent-Child Centre for over 7 years.

I grew up in Eastern Ontario but have called Oakville home for over 18 years. My son attends Thistleoaks and we have had the pleasure of being exposed to the professional, caring, and supportive approach of numerous teachers and administrative staff members over the past few years. An overall wonderful experience with the added benefit of working alongside Cheryl, Mindy, and the other Board members in further enhancing the organization’s services and engagement with key stakeholders.


Satyen Shah

Joined Thistleoaks: 2017

I have been a board member at Thistleoaks since 2017, however my relationship with the daycare goes back to 2013 when we enrolled our daughter on the recommendation of a colleague and we haven’t regretted that decision.  

My daughter has since moved on to primary school. However, because my wife and I believe in the quality of Thistleoaks, I wanted to stay involved and help ensure that the high standards of care-giving and compassion that we experienced with our daughter continued for present and future parents. I have a Master of Business in Strategic Management, and support the executive leadership team in fulfilling the mandate of ensuring the efficient operations of the centre.

Martha Hill 

Joined Thistleoaks: 2018

I served as a member of the board while my children attended Thistleoaks, and recently returned as community member. Thistleoaks was an important part of my family's life for eight years as it was a second home to our two children from the time they were babies until they entered Grade 1. Our children flourished at Thistleoaks thanks to the dedication of the staff and the exceptional care they provided. Our family reconnected with the centre when our daughter volunteered in the classroom as a way to give back to the community.

L. David LeBlanc

Joined Thistleoaks: 2015

I am a Marketing manager for Microsoft Canada, and my two children are enrolled at Thistleoaks. I have held various positions on the Board over the past four years.

Since the moment our family joined the Thistleoaks community, we have been blown away by all of the amazing staff and management team. Our eldest daughter has gone through all of the preschool programs, and each is as good as the last. We love Thistleoaks, and through the Board I am focused on making sure Thistleoaks continues to be a pillar of the community for another 30 years!

Diana Saturno

Joined Thistleoaks: 2019


I am very excited to be working with a wonderful team for the year ahead. After graduating from university, I moved to England where I studied law. I returned to Canada after my studies and I now am a lawyer practicing in employment and health law. Once I started working full-time, I began to seek out volunteer opportunities in an effort to give back to the community. While I do not have a child enrolled at Thistleoaks, I grew up in Oakville and am very excited to be working with an organization in my hometown. As the only non parent on the Board, I hope to provide a unique perspective and also look forward to learning from the talented other Board members.  

Evan Williams

Joined Thistleoaks: 2019


I am a Building Manager for a local private business that employs 50+ staff and have been in the Building Management field for 6+ years. Prior to my management experience, I was a full time Web Developer, something I still dabble with occasionally. 

Our son has been enrolled at Thistleoaks for the last two years and we could not be happier. From one class to the next, we have been met with staff that are truly passionate about his development. Thistleoaks is an extremely warm, loving, and inviting community that my family is proud to be part of. 

I look forward to contributing to this already ALL-STAR team!

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