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Our infants are cared for in a cozy yet stimulating environment, which includes a separate sleep room with individual cribs to accommodate different sleep schedules, and a private outdoor play area with a covered deck. 

While the lunches and snacks served to the infants are the same as the rest of the center, the preparation of the food is catered to the ages and abilities of the children in the room, whether that be purees or diced portions. We encourage the children to feed themselves, and challenge them with a variety of flavours and textures. 

Program Details


Age Range: 6 weeks - 18 month

Room: Applewood

​Ratio: 1 Educator to 3 Children

Infant Program

Seeing is believing. We strongly encourage all prospective families to come for a tour to see for themselves how we operate and to witness our educators and children in action. Every family has their own definition of 'quality' - this is your opportunity to see if our approach and philosophy matches your expectations. When you feel like you and your children are receiving quality care, you become a partner of Thistleoaks - we want you to feel happy with your choice, and to feel like a part of our family.  

Program Spaces

Contact us to inquire about enrollment, join our wait-list, or arrange a tour to see what we have to offer you and your family.


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