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Thistleoaks provides two snacks and a lunch prepared in-house by our kitchen team. Our menu is based on recommendations from Canada's Food Guide, and the CCEYA and offers a variety of flavors and textures from various cultures and cuisines.


Thistleoaks makes modifications to it's menu for children with a verity of nutritional needs and restrictions. On a day where spaghetti with meat sauce and cesar salad are served, a child with a dairy restriction may instead receive a salad with vinaigrette dressing while a young infant may be offered parboiled carrot sticks.

Thistleoaks is a nut-free facility, and attempts to cater to all allergies and religious restrictions. Because of this, we ask that no outside food be brought into the center.

​On occasion, individual classrooms may plan special events, such as a baking day or ice cream party day. Your classroom will let you know when these events are occurring.

The Thistleoaks Kitchen


Current Menu

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