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In the Summer of 2023, Thistleoaks began a partnership with Wholesome Kids Catering, an Ontario company that provides meals to 27,000 kids each day. This partnership allows us to better provide snacks for children with serious allergies as well as those who have health or religious food restrictions.

Wholesome Kids Catering understands that what goes into kid's food is critical, but only If it is enjoyed and gets eaten. They pack their menu full of the best ingredients and continue to provide new food experiences with exciting flavours, aromas, colours, and textures.

  • They serve meals and snacks family style. This supports positive eating behaviours and encourages kids to try new foods together. without the pressure!

  • They make food fun by offering plenty of variety in shape, colour, and texture.

  • The menu follows a 4 week cycle and is repeated 6 times. They know that food exposure is a process; children may not eat something new the first or second time, so they are given  plenty of opportunities.

The current menu can be viewed (and downloaded) here. 

The Thistleoaks Kitchen

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