The Thistleoaks Kitchen

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Children eating lunch together at a table

All of our meals are prepared in-house daily by our cooks, Brent, Julie, and Phyllis, who pride themselves on ensuring the food is fresh, nutritious, and offers a variety of flavors and textures from various cultures and cuisines.

In the summer of 2019, we took a brand new approach to our menu. We started completely from scratch and designed the menu with a commitment to using next to no prepared or boxed foods. Everything we serve to the children, from salad dressings to sauces and everything in between, is made from scratch. We have also designed our lunches to be in line with the redesigned Canada Food Guide, with roughly 50% of the meal made up of fruits and vegetables, and 25% each of whole grains and proteins. 

All children at Thistleoaks are served the same menu, with a few variations made based on eating ability. Milk is served with morning snack and lunch, and water is served with afternoon snack. ​Thistleoaks is a nut-free facility, and attempts to cater to all allergies and religious restrictions. 

On occasion, individual classrooms may plan special events, such as a baking day or ice cream party day. Your classroom will let you know when these events are occurring.

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Information about meals during COVID-19

Our current menu rotation has been designed around the current precautions we are taking due to COVID. All meals will be plated in the kitchen, covered in saran wrap, then delivered to each classroom. An extra bowl with second servings will also be provided to each room, and will be administered by one educator. For the time being, meals will not be served family-style, as we have done in the past. 


When preparing, plating, delivering, and serving food, staff will be required to wear PPE, regardless of social distancing. 

Meet the Cooks

Brent W

Head Cook

Joined Thistleoaks: 2017

Thistleoaks, a place like no other... It has been my pleasure and distinct honour to be a part of the exceptional place that is Thistleoaks. Nothing compares to seeing the world through a child’s point of view; having a unique opportunity to experience the day-to-day at their level really is an incredible experience. I view myself as a co-learner with not only the kids, but also the wonderful collection of educators with whom I spend my days. I am dedicated to ensuring that the School Age program is a safe place of belonging as well as inclusion under the theory that we are all stronger as one big team. I am proud to be a part of such a tradition of excellence... and happy to be the biggest kid in the room who calls this place home. 

Thistleoaks is my second home. I am a big kid, and love all the amazing friends I have met here. I love learning, discovering, and having fun with them! Thistleoaks has a big piece of my heart! 

Julie B

Assistant Cook

Joined Thistleoaks: 2008

Phyllis R

Assistant Cook

Joined Thistleoaks: 2003

When it comes to this very competitive world, I have a lot of ideas and dreams. I am willing in every way to do what I can to help. I love working at this daycare. The kids make me feel so young and I try my best to help them in any way I can. I want to make their stay here every day the best - smiling, dancing, playing, and cooking the best food and desserts. I love helping the teachers in any way I can, so that the children remember me. I love when they say 'Phyllis, I love you, you're the best' because they're the next generation who will take over the world. I love the kids here. I love seeing their faces every day. Thank you. 

Menu Rotation -
Summer 2021 - COVID Edition

Below is our two-week menu rotation for Summer 2021 during COVID. Click the image to enlarge. (If clicking does not enlarge the image, right-click and open in a new tab or window to see the enlarged menu.) Most snacks and meals are also posted daily to HiMama to help you keep track of what your child is eating! 

Daily offerings may change, based on availability or special classroom activities; any changes are documented in HiMama. 

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Summer Menu Week 2.PNG
Summer Menu Week 3.PNG
Summer Menu Week 4.PNG