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A Meeting of the Minds

There's something about a "meeting of the minds"...that thrill you feel when you are connected by an idea; the wonderment you feel when you consider another perspective; the resolve you feel when posed with a challenge; the marvel you feel at the workings of your mind as it's whipping through multiple points of critical thinking. It's remarkable!

In the Early Learning and Care field, we are held accountable for our ability to be reflective and responsive practitioners. At Thistleoaks Child Care Centre, we brainstorm and collaborate with a "meeting of the minds" on a daily basis, and on so many levels, with our colleagues, families, community and professional partners, and the children we work with. For me, it's an infusion of a culture that continuously supports quality.


"Educators are reflective practitioners who learn about children using various strategies. They listen, observe, document, and discuss with others, families in particular, to understand children as unique individuals. They observe and listen to learn how children make meaning through their experiences in the world around them. Educators consider their own practices and approaches and the impacts they have on children, families, and others." - How Does Learning Happen? Ontario's Pedagogy for the early years.


Imagine being a child immersed in this setting... amongst educators who take the time to get to know you and your family, your values and beliefs and community, your interests, your motivations, your concerns and challenges, your capabilities and competencies...educators who work, think, talk, create, collaborate, observe, document, plan and implement...all for you, all with you!

I revel in every opportunity to be engaged in that "meeting of the minds"! The practice helps me to learn and grow as a human being, and allows me to give back in a meaningful way. Gratitude is what I feel for each of those opportunities!

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