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Welcome 2019!

I always love the new year, it feels like a new start - full of goals, visions, motivation, and my favourite: reflection. The chance to reflect on the last year, where we have come from, what we have accomplished, and where we would like to go.

Year in Review

This year has brought about many positive changes here at Thistleoaks! We were able to see quite a lot of projects completed:

1) We invested in replacing all our older florescent lighting to a more natural LED infrastructure, including dimmers throughout the centre

2) We have a beautiful newly renovated washroom for our Intermediates and KinderClub with new sinks, toilets, counters, flooring, and tons of new storage space

3) New appliances and equipment for the kitchen to assist us in preparing homemade food for the children, including a waffle-maker for making our own Belgian-style waffles!

And let's not forget our first annual Family Backyard Garden Project! What a great night that was, with families and educators working with the children to increase the nature in our beautiful backyard playgrounds.

Reflecting on the last year allows us to see what we have accomplished, the changes that we have made, and the progress of our journey in quality... but it also helps us set our vision and goals for the upcoming year. Having this vision motivates us, breathes new life in to the centre, and brings us further along our journey.

This year is an exciting year ahead. We have a new School Director, new visions, and new goals and I can’t wait to see what it brings!

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