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Renovation Update #4

What exciting times we are having here at Thistleoaks this month! 


Our playground feels as though it has sprung up overnight AND if the weather keeps continuing to cooperate we are on track to get the cement poured next week - cross those fingers!!!! Our little Toddlers in the Willow Room have been watching the construction proceed with great interest - they are regularly seen lining up at the window or the fence watching the workmen and the equipment.

Classroom Furniture and Flooring

Christmas also came a little early for us this year! This week we received our new wooden tables and chairs - and they look just gorgeous! You will notice throughout the centre that a lot of our focus is on adding natural materials. We have invested in brand new wooden tables and chairs for all the classrooms that are customized to the age group, which means no more swinging feet!  The chairs and tables are now all appropriate heights so that the children can sit properly on the chairs with their feet planted on the ground. Talk about a quality indicator! 

The flooring replacement continues on schedule. We have moved onto the lower level of the centre now, as the upper level is nearly finished. New trim still needs to be installed and painted throughout, but that will happen once the floors themselves are completed. We are loving the brighter, fresher feel the new floors brings to our classrooms!

A last note...

I just want to take a minute and thank everyone again for all their patience and understanding throughout the renovations and changes. It’s going to be so worth it once it’s all complete! Stay tuned for more updates!

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