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Renovation Update #5

I hope everyone is ready for the holiday season! I know here at Thistleoaks it feels as though we have had Santa’s Little Elves running around leaving gifts of renovations. We are seeing everything come together as the end of December nears. I just want to take a minute again to thank all of the families and educators for their patience and understanding. You have all been so wonderful and supportive during all the renos and disruptions.

The Kitchen

Great news- as of today, we are back in our kitchen! Friday was our last day of catered food; while we are grateful to Yummy Catering for getting us through the past month, Miss Karen and Miss Phyllis are so excited to get back to serving our homemade food from our own kitchen. In the picture below you can see the new stainless steel counters and sink, the new speedy sanitizer, under-cabinet lighting, and the shells of the new cabinetry, which will have shelves and doors added this week.

The Toddler Playground

Have you been outside in the back recently? The Toddler playground looks phenomenal! The cement was poured and set - impressive considering our early snow and cold this year! All work is completed and the company will be out in the spring to add some additional mulch and install the sun canopy. The playground has been inspected and approved; tomorrow is the grand opening for our Toddlers! They are very excited to get out there to experience for themselves the new playground they've been keenly observing for the past few weeks!

The Flooring

Great news - all the flooring in the classrooms has been completed. There is just a bit of hallway and an office to finish up. Steve and his team will be in over the holidays to finish the trim installation around the edges of the rooms and hallways, and then we are done! We have been thrilled with the positive feedback we've received, and again we thank all our families for their patience and understanding while classrooms were shifted to accommodate the work. It's been totally worth it!

What a great present to receive this year!

Happy Holidays,


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